Mácha Lake

Take a holiday or a weekend to Mábreeding Lake and stay in the cottages offered by us in Staré Splavy, located in a pine forest, which after 15. Minutes walk to the lake. Mácha Lake is very popular and people like to return here.

The chalets have four beds and are equipped with a refrigerator. They are suitable for family vacations. Sanitary facilities and showers are shared in the campsite. If you would like, you can order half board for the accommodation. Mácha Lake is one of the most popular places for vacation.


Go to the area for excursions, there are incredibly many options to look at. For example, you can take a steamer and see Mácha's lake and its surroundings. You can also visit castles, chateaux or Aquacentrum. You won't get bored, we guarantee you.