In summer, however, the sale will provide you with finance for winter

Looking for an interesting offer for your summer business. We are here and offer a comprehensive offer of "draught ice cream". You can choose from products that are based on original recipes that are built on high quality, balanced raw materials. It is automatically taken care that the science is achieved by a full, delicious, expressive and refreshing taste.
Draught ice cream is a choice as a ready-made frozen blend, which is pasteurized and can also be pasteurised with a dry powder mixture, the frozen mixture is homogenized. The advantage of the finished frozen mixture is time saving, but also easy preparation. The powder mixture is also quick and easy to prepare, where you only have to mix the sorbet base with water and paste.
Refreshing delicacy
Of course, there are more flavors to choose from. Draught ice cream is a delicacy of cream or fruity. Always refreshing, delicious and also the right consistency and creme. This ice cream will delight all those who love ice-cream mist.